Literary life


ious Events/Presentations:

PNBA Tradeshow 2016

Dock Street Salon Reading Series at Phinney Books 2016

Breadloaf 2016

Sewanee 2016
SDSU Writers Conference, 2016

Surrey International Writers Conference 2015

Write on the Sound 2015

Eastside Writes 2015

AWP 2014

SDSU Writer's Conference 2014 

Northwest Bookfest 2013

Edenvale Writing Workshop 2013

Skagit Valley Writers 2013

AWP 2013

Women Writing The West 2012

SCBWI Conference 2012

Port Townsend Writer's Conference 2012

Skagit Valley Writers 2012

SDSU Conference 2012

Women Writing the West 2011

Skagit Valley Writers 2011

Write On The Sound 2011

Squaw Valley Community of Writers 2011

VCFA Interdisciplinary Conference 2011

Port Townsend Writers Conference 2011

Whidbey Island Writers Conference 2011

San Diego State University Writers Conference 2011

Write On The Sound 2010

Surrey International Writers Conference 2010


Here is what students have to say about Barrett's presentations and workshops 
  • "Thanks for making the presentation so much fun with your enthusiasm."
  • "Thank you, Barrett, for the stimulating, joyful workshops!"

  • "Great job setting the tone and creating the right atmosphere to put participants at ease. Nice (and rapid) response to their sample paragraphs."

  • "Thanks for the great tips you gave us at the San Diego conference, especially the one about setting the tone and mood."

  • "Excellent! You have a very relaxed conversational style of speaking that involves your audience very well. Awesome talk!"
  • "Excellent talk, discussion and handouts"
  • "Very good talk about the subject, interesting writer"
  • "Practical and interesting"
  • "Great! Great resources, specifically how to avoid making the mistakes in historical fiction was appreciated
  • "I am writing an historical novel & it was great to learn how people might interpret language and history differently, and how to make writing authentic and right."